Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Cascadia Traditional Bakery Review!

New Cascadia Traditional Bakery located in Portland Oregon is a dedicated gluten free bakery. My husband and I loved their sandwiches which they made with their wonderful Honey Gold Bread! It is really a great texture and taste for a gluten free bread!

Unfortunately the last time we were down in Portland about a month ago we found out that New Cascadia stopped selling their wonderful sandwiches. They did offer to send us to other places that use their breads in sandwiches but none of the places were dedicated gluten free so cross contamination could have been possible so we opted to have one of their Margherita pizzas which is lovely!

Asher (our 22 month old at the time) loved their pizza! What he loved even more was the cupcakes we bought along with the pizza! Asher and I shared an orange cupcake. It was nice. Their cupcakes are some of the best gluten free cupcakes second only to the chocolate peanut butter cupcakes made by Flying Apron bakery in the Fremont District of Seattle.

Since we went their really craving a sandwich we decided to buy a loaf of Honey Gold bread for later. It was wonderful!!! New Cascadia is by far my favorite bread! I just wish it was available closer to where we live! I may have to get some to put in the freezer next time we go down to Portland.

Another one of my favorites at New Cascadia is the peanut butter cookies. Most of the other cookies I don't care for as much, but the peanut butter ones are excellent! My son and husband like the Vegan Chocolate chip cookies!

So if you get a chance to go to Portland or live in that area be sure to stop by New Cascadia, have one of their wonderful pizza's, and take home some great baked goods! You won't be disappointed!

PS: I forgot to take a picture this time but I will make sure and do that next time!